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Accidental Firearm Discharge: The Real Culprit…Might you have a claim?

We hear frequently from gunshot victims or families of vicitms whose statute of limitations has expired.  This means there may have been a valid claim against someone for a firearm discharge, but the victims failed to act fast enough to make a claim and the legal deadline to file a claim passed.  Tragically a claim for damages to help victims and their families can be lost simply by doing nothing.  This is more frequently true with gunshot victims than many other types of claims because victims rarely realize that a claim might exist and many lawyers fail to identify valid claims in gunshot cases. 

For instance, if a gun is provided to an unqualified or untrained person, the provider of that gun may have some liability if an accident later happens. In other cases an argument might escalate into the brandishing of a weapon, and the weapon may accidentally discharge in a struggle, despite the lack of intent of the shooter to actually fire the weapon.  Alternatively, a homeowner or business owner might allow a person on their property they know to be armed and dangerous but fail to warn others of the danger.  That business or home owner could be liable.  These are just a few instances in which a valid claim might exist and an insurance policy might be available to pay part or all of the damages.

Do not let yourself be a victim again.  If you or a loved suffered damages due to a firearm discharge, please call our law firm so that we can discuss the facts with you and determine if you have a claim.

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