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Seek Help from a Missouri Trucking Accident Attorney for These Injuries

When you drive along I-44 next to eighteen-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles, it is not hard to feel the sheer size difference between your car and their vehicle. When one of these commercial trucks collides with your personal vehicle, the combination of size and speed can be enough to cause severe, and sometimes catastrophic injuries.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that semi-trucks are the cause of 89,000 injuries and 5,000 deaths every year. The following are some of the most common injuries caused in Missouri truck accidents:

  • Spinal cord damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Bone fractures
  • Amputations
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Organ trauma
  • Paralysis

Each one of these injuries is serious and can be life-altering. In addition, paying for medical care necessary to treat these injuries may empty your bank account if you do not receive the amount of compensation you deserve.

Of course, most large commercial trucking companies have insurance coverage for injuries that their drivers cause. Battling truckers’ insurance companies to receive fair compensation is not as easy as you may think. Insurance adjusters have many legal tricks. They will do whatever it takes to lower the amount they owe you in a settlement.

To avoid getting short-changed when it comes to something as serious as a Missouri truck collision, attorney guidance may be your best option. With the help of a truck accident attorney in Missouri, you can effectively negotiate a settlement that will cover your costs, pain, and suffering. This allows you to get the compensation you are entitled to, in order to cover the high medical expenses associated with truck accident trauma.

Contact the team at Price & Randle, LLC, to learn more about how you can put aggressive representation on your side to fix things quickly and help you get the compensation you deserve. Reach us today at 410-484-9000.

How to Prove a Fatal Auto Accident Is Also a Missouri Wrongful Death

While you’ve always recognized the dangers of fatal Missouri car crashes, you never thought that your family would suffer such a tragedy. Now, you are left with many questions. You likely want to know why the accident happened and whether you can make a legal recovery for the unimaginable harm that has been done to your family.

All Fatal Car Crashes Are Tragic, but They Are Not All Wrongful Deaths

In order for a fatal auto accident to result in an actionable Missouri wrongful death lawsuit, certain legal criteria must be met. Specifically:

  • A driver must owe the person who died a duty of care
  • The driver must have breached that duty of care of by failing to act like a reasonable person would in similar circumstances
  • The breach of the duty of care must have resulted in your loved one’s death, which would not have occurred but for the driver’s actions or inactions
  • You, or the plaintiff in the Missouri wrongful death case, must be able to recover damages

Without more information about the accident and a better understanding of Missouri wrongful death law, it can be difficult to know if you have a possible case.

Call a Missouri Wrongful Death Lawyer for Help

You don’t have to decide whether you have a case on your own. Instead, our experienced Missouri wrongful death attorneys encourage you to contact us via this website or by phone at 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670 to schedule an initial consultation in which we can discuss what happened to your loved one, explain your legal rights, and begin protecting your possible recovery.

Not Everyone Can File a Missouri Wrongful Death Case… Can You?

The person who died may have been your spouse, parent, or child. He may have been your sibling, aunt, or uncle. You, and the rest of your family, are understandably devastated that someone else’s negligence has taken your loved one from you, and you have decided that a wrongful death action should be filed. The person who killed your loved one should be held accountable, and your family should not suffer financially while you mourn the death of your relative. However, Missouri law only allows one lawsuit to be filed against a defendant for the death of an individual.

Who Will File That Lawsuit?

Missouri Statutes (Chapter 537, Section 537.080) defines who can bring a wrongful death lawsuit. According to the statute:

  • A spouse, child (or lineal descendant of the child), or parent of the decedent should bring the lawsuit if a spouse, child, descendant of the child, or parent is alive and able to bring a case.
  • If there is no spouse, child, or parent able to bring a case, then a sibling or a sibling’s descendant may bring a case.
  • If there is no spouse, child (or descendant), parent, sibling (or descendant), then a plaintiff ad litem may be appointed by the court.

An experienced Missouri wrongful death lawyer can help you understand how this law applies to your family.

Call a Lake of the Ozarks Wrongful Death Attorney Today to Learn More

For more information about who has standing to start a Missouri wrongful death case, and to learn more about the pros and cons of such a case, please contact Missouri wrongful death attorney today at 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670 to schedule a consultation.

Have You Been Hurt in a Missouri Airbag Failure Accident?

You purchased your car secure in the knowledge that it came equipped with airbags that would help protect your from a serious car accident injury, should a collision occur. However, what happens if the airbags do not work as intended? What can you do to recover if you have been hurt in a Missouri airbag failure accident?

3 Ways Missouri Airbag Failure Accidents May Occur

Generally, an airbag failure can occur three ways. An airbag failure may cause injury if:

  1. The airbag deploys in a minor, low speed accident or without a collision. In these situations, an airbag may actually cause more injuries than it prevents.
  2. The airbag deploys with the wrong amount of force. If the airbag comes out too forcefully, it may cause injuries that would not have otherwise occurred.
  3. The airbag fails to deploy in a serious crash. If the airbag fails to deploy when it is designed to do so, then serious injuries may result.

Of course, other types of airbag accidents may also be possible, and you should contact a Missouri airbag injury lawyer directly if you have been hurt in any way.

Call a Missouri Defective Product Attorney if You’ve Been Hurt

If a defective airbag has caused your accident injury, made your accident injury significantly worse than it otherwise would’ve been, or failed to protect you from injury, then it is important to call an experienced Missouri defective product lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights and possible recovery.

For more information, please contact a Missouri airbag injury lawyer today via this website or by calling 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670 to set up an initial meeting.

Don’t Settle For Too Little After a Missouri Car Accident

You’ve been injured in a Missouri car accident and you likely have one goal. You want to get a fair settlement for your injuries. You want to recover. In order to make a fair recovery, however, you need to understand what your case is worth and how to convince the insurance company to provide you with a just settlement.

Understand What Your Case is Worth

In order to determine if a settlement offer is fair you need to know what the law says about your recovery. Generally, if someone else’s negligent or intentional actions caused your accident injuries then you may be able to recover for your past, current, and future:


  • Medical expenses. This includes doctors’ visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy and other medical costs.
  • Lost income. This may include your full income if you are unable to work at all or the difference between what you were earning prior to the accident and what you are making now.
  • Out of pocket costs. Car repairs, household help and other expenses caused by your accident may be recoverable.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Other damages.


An experienced Missouri accident lawyer can help you understand the dollar amounts that you might be able to recover so that you know how to identify a fair settlement.

Advocate for a Fair Settlement with the Help of a Missouri Auto Accident Lawyer

Once you know what a fair settlement might be for your injuries then you need to convince the insurance company to provide you with such a settlement. An experienced Missouri auto accident attorney can zealously advocate for your full and fair recovery. For more information, please contact us today at 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670 and please read our FREE book, How to Settle Your Own Missouri Accident Claim.

Useful Tips to Help Your Case from Our Reputable Missouri Personal Injury Lawyers. Offices at the Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, MO.

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Coping with a Brain Injury After an Osage Beach Accident

The damage has been done. Someone else’s negligent or intentional actions caused an Osage Beach Parkway accident that left you or your loved one with a traumatic brain injury. As much as you wish you could go back and avoid that spot at that exact moment of impact, you cannot do it. Thus, your attention must turn to how you can cope with the brain injury caused by your Osage Beach Parkway crash and how you can protect your future.

Recovering From an Osage Beach Parkway Accident Brain Injury

Since each brain injury is unique, each recovery is also unique. However, you should expect certain things after your accident injury. Some things may only continue for a short time, while other parts of your recovery may continue for the rest of your life. Your recovery could include, for example:

  • Resting your brain. This may mean no (or limited) reading, watching TV, using the computer, activity, and work.
  • Surgery.
  • Rehabilitation therapies. This could include physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech and language therapy, depending on your specific injuries.

Please talk to your doctor about what is required for your physical recovery, and please start planning now to protect your financial recovery.

Your Financial Recovery Is Important

Your physical recovery may keep you out of work and may require expensive treatments. Accordingly, it is important to protect your legal right to a possible financial recovery by contacting an experienced Osage Beach Parkway accident lawyer today at 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670, and by reading our FREE book, The Insider’s Guide to Handling Missouri Auto Accident Claims.

Why Missouri Truck Accident Defenses Are so Intensely Argued

If you have been hurt in a Missouri truck wreck, and if you have filed a claim seeking a recovery for your injuries, then you should expect one thing. The defendant(s) in your case are going to put up a vigorous defense. They are going to fight hard, and they are going to try to pay you the least amount of damages possible.

3 Reasons You Should Expect Strong Missouri Truck Accident Defenses

Three of the reasons why truck accident defendants typically fight back aggressively include:

  1. Their reputation. Both truckers and trucking companies care about their safety record. It is important to their career or their business. Thus, they may fight hard against any accusations of negligence or wrongdoing.
  2. Their insurance costs. Nobody wants to see their insurance premiums go up or increase their costs of doing business.
  3. Their bottom line. Insurance companies, or others who have to pay you, may be worried about their profits and may seek to pay you as little as possible, in order to maximize the money they keep.

For these reasons, you should anticipate Missouri truck accident defenses, and you should have solid evidence to support your claim and get the recovery that you deserve if you’ve been hurt.

Call a Missouri Truck Crash Lawyer for Help With Your Recovery

If you have been hurt in a recent truck accident, then we encourage you to find out more about your rights and more about how to protect your potential recovery. Our experienced Missouri truck crash attorneys welcome your call at 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670, and we invite you to read our FREE book, The Lies Smart People Believe About Missouri Insurance Claims, to learn more.

How an Osage Beach Truck Lawyer Can Help After a Spinal Cord Injury

The entire collision took only a few seconds. However, they were the most significant few seconds of your life. It was in those seconds that your vehicle and a truck collided on a Missouri road, and you suffered a spinal cord injury. Now, the doctors tell you that your paralysis is permanent and that, while you will benefit from rehabilitation therapy, you will not be cured by current medical practices.

Your Life Is Not Over

The diagnosis and prognosis of your spinal cord injury can be devastating and may change your future. It is, thus, more important than ever to fight for the resources that you will need to make the most of your future. An experienced Osage Beach truck lawyer can help you do that by fighting hard for your fair and just recover of past, current, and future:

  • Medical expenses. This may include not only doctors’ visits and hospitalizations but also adaptive technology, home care, and rehabilitation therapy, for example.
  • Lost income. You may be unable to work, or unable to earn the same amount as you did before the accident.
  • Out-of-pocket costs. This may include damage to your vehicle and extra expenses around the house that were made necessary by the accident.
  • Pain and suffering. You may be in physical pain, and you may be suffering emotionally.

Other damages may also be possible.

Call an Osage Beach Truck Accident Attorney Today to Learn More

For more information about protecting your possible recovery after a truck crash, please contact an experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer today at 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670, and please read our FREE book, The Insider’s Guide to Missouri Auto Accident Claims.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

After a car accident in Springfield, Columbia, or Sedalia, your life may be shattered. Suddenly, you face unexpected expenses, time lost at work or from friends to heal, and property damage that can devalue your car and cost you money. You need someone who will work hard to help you pick up the pieces and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Finding the right Missouri auto accident lawyer is not always easy. With so many attorneys promising great things to those who work with them, you may not know who you can trust or to turn to. Before you say yes to working with a Missouri personal injury attorney, ask these questions to get a better idea of the type of help you will receive:

  • What experience do you have working with personal injury claims in Missouri? The answer to this may surprise you. Many attorneys have a variety of practice areas. These attorneys may not have the vehicle accident experience you need to get the best outcome in your claim.
  • What past case results have you achieved for people like me? You have a right to know what to expect when working with a Missouri car accident attorney. An attorney proud of his track record will be happy to share past case results with you. Even though no two cases are the same, these case results give you the best idea of what you can expect when working with the lawyer.
  • How can we handle this with minimal conflict? You have been through enough! You do not need more conflict than is necessary. Talk to your attorney to find out if he is aggressive and experienced enough to fight on your behalf without creating unnecessary conflict and stress in your life.

At Price & Randle, LLC, we pride ourselves on being an exclusively personal injury law firm. We know what it takes to help you get the best possible result out of your car accident claim without putting you through undue stress. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your life back together quickly and easily.

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