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Q: I was recently involved in a Springfield truck accident on I-44. What are the best steps to take after my Missouri truck collision so that I do not make any mistakes to hurt my claim?


First of all, we are very sorry to hear about your trucking crash in Springfield. Truck accidents can be some of the most catastrophic accidents. I-44 is the busiest corridor for truckers in the nation, making it also one of the most dangerous.

After your Springfield trucking crash, you are right to be careful of whom you speak with and what information you gather when trying to put together your claim. To help you get the compensation you are entitled to, here are a few steps you should take:

  • Seek immediate medical attention. The injuries that come as a result of truck accidents tend to be severe simply because the size and weight difference between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle. Even if you do not think your injuries warrant medical attention, it is still crucial that you seek treatment immediately following the crash, as many injuries take some time to appear. Getting medical attention quickly can reduce the symptoms later on, and help give credit to your insurance claim.
  • Cooperate with the police, but do not speak to anyone else except medical personnel. The police will arrive on the scene of your truck accident. They may have a lot of questions, and you should answer these as honestly as possible. If you do not remember a specific answer, be honest and tell them that you cannot remember what happened. When the insurance companies and witnesses try to discuss the details of the crash with you, avoid saying anything about what happened. This could hurt your claim down the road.
  • Gather evidence of the crash. Getting information such as names, phone numbers, pictures from the scene, pictures from your injuries and more can help you when filing your claim. This evidence will be used to find who was at fault and defend yourself from wrongdoing if the truckers’ insurance company tries to put some of the blame on you.
  • Contact a Missouri trucking accident lawyer. After your Springfield trucking accident, legal representation will help strengthen your claim and give you the ability to focus on your recovery rather than fighting a stressful battle with insurance companies. Contact a trucking accident attorney in Missouri to help fix things quickly and get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Being involved in a Missouri trucking accident is a major event. With help from an experienced Missouri trucking accident lawyer, you can put an advocate on your side to help you resolve your claim quickly and fairly. Contact us today at 410-484-9000 to learn more about how we can help you make this ordeal easier.

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