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What Living With a US-54 Car Accident Brain Injury Could Mean for You

Your brain injury is unique, so the impact of your injury on your life will be unique. However, while all brain injuries differ depending on the part of the brain that was hurt and the severity of the injury, all brain injury victims and their loved ones should know certain things.

Five Ways Your Life Could Change After a US-54 Car Accident Brain Injury

Whether your speech, your ability to move, your attention span, your personality, or one of your other important brain functions has been affected by your accident injury, you should expect that your life will change in significant ways. For example, a traumatic brain injury could:

  1. Keep you out of work. Your traumatic brain injury may keep you from doing your job now, and possibly forever.
  2. Keep you from enjoying your family, hobbies, and participating in your community. You may not be able to participate in the activities that you did before your accident injury.
  3. Keep you from taking care of yourself, your family, and your home. You may be unable to drive, cook, dress yourself, or be alone. You may be unable to care for your children, your spouse, or your parents. You may be unable to clean or maintain your home.
  4. Require extensive medical treatment and/or rehabilitation therapies. Your days may be filled with doctors’ appointments and treatments by physical therapists, counselors, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, visiting nurses, and others.
  5. Necessitate expenses that you never thought you’d have. You may have to pay for people to take care of you, for renovations to your home, for a driver, and for other things that you used to handle on your own.

Of course, your specific injuries may also affect your life in additional ways.

What You Can Do About a Brain Injury

You do not have to suffer alone. Instead, you can fight for a fair and just financial recovery by contacting an experienced US-54 car accident brain injury lawyer today at 573-348-0700 or 888-573-2670. You can also learn more by reading our FREE book, The Insider’s Guide to Handling Missouri Auto Accident Claims.

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