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Filing a personal injury claim in Missouri is not an easy experience. These online resources may be able to ease your worries and make your life a little bit less stressful.

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Boating Accidents

Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Division: With the large number of boats on the water in Missouri, boat accidents happen frequently. On this page, you get contact information for the Water Patrol Division and access to programs and services that can help you while you are on the lakes and rivers of Missouri.

Motorcycle Accidents

Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program: The Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program works hard to keep riders safe from a motorcycle accident. With help from this organization, you can stay safer on the streets of Osage Beach and all of Missouri.

Truck Accidents

United States Department of Transportation: The U.S. Department of Transportation website is a great place to find information on the registration and background of the trucks that fill Missouri highways. If you were involved in a truck accident, this page gives you extra information to give you a better understanding of current conditions, regulations, and laws in place.

Auto Accidents

Missouri Department of Transportation: The Missouri Department of Transportation website has a wealth of information about auto accidents of all kinds. This resource can help you understand current Missouri car accident laws, provide you with safety literature, and keep you up to date on the latest happenings on local streets and highways.


Medline Plus: Grief. After losing your loved one to a wrongful death in Missouri, you will go through a grief process as you cope with the implications of your loss. This page gives you tips to get through each of the normal stages of grief so that you can cope better as you press forward with your wrongful death claim.

Our eBooks

The Lies Smart People Believe About Missouri Auto Insurance Claims

The Lies Smart People Believe About MO Auto Insurance Claims eBook Cover

Why do we believe lies about how insurance works?

Why are we afraid to make valid insurance claims?

Why do many smart people fail to seek good legal advice after an accident?

This book seeks to explain a few of the common lies that smart people believe about insurance claims. Stop buying the lies. Read the book, then you decide.

The Insider’s Guide to Handling Missouri Auto Accident Claims

How to Settle Your Own MO Car Accident Claim eBook Cover

Here are some shocking facts: One person gets injured every 10.3 minutes in a Missouri car accident. One person is killed in a car crash in Missouri every 11.1 hours.

Even the best drivers get in car accidents now and then. Regardless of the care or caution you take when you get behind the wheel, car accidents can happen in a split second. When an accident happens because another driver made a serious or catastrophic mistake behind the wheel, you pay the consequences.

Car accidents have the potential to result in severe injuries, significant property damage, and missed work. The costs of a Missouri auto accident add up quickly. According to data from Missouri State and local authorities, car accidents in the state caused 51,060 people to be injured and 786 fatalities in 2011 alone. The estimated cost of these crashes was $3.2 billion.

There are serious consequences to a Missouri auto accident. The toll it takes on your body is devastating.

An auto accident is extremely complex. There are many moving parts in an accident claim. Insurance coverage and payment are often central to making things right. Notorious for playing games and using tricks, insurance companies cost innocent drivers money and can drain accident victims of their time, money, and energy. Although you may not have been at fault for the car crash, you risk being stuck with paying from your personal finances to cover the costs of another driver’s errors. After an accident, you may find yourself paying for the medical treatment you need while at the same time being denied full and fair compensation to cover these high costs. After serious injury by the carelessness of another driver, you need help to keep your family safe

How to Settle Your Own Missouri Car Accident Claim (and the Reasons Why You Shouldn’t)

The Insider's Guide to Handling MO Auto Accident Claims eBook Cover

Every day, drivers make mistakes. Even the smallest mistake can quickly lead to a serious car accident. The result is a devastating outcome for everyone involved.

Consequences such as severe injuries, significant property damage, and lost wages due to time missed from work can leave you and your family faced with enormous difficulties both emotionally and financially for years to come.

In this already difficult situation, many people try to handle their claims alone. They believe that hiring an attorney may cost too much money. They trust the insurance adjuster to give them a fair and just settlement, or they are afraid that they will appear greedy for merely trying to protect the financial future of their family.

No matter the reason, settling a Missouri car accident claim alone is risky.

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