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The Three Basic Steps You Must Take After A Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, we know it can be stressful. This is especially true if you’ve suffered any injuries or damages to your vehicle. We’ll walk through the steps you must take after an accident to protect yourself and ensure that your insurance company pays out benefits quickly and accurately.

Get A Police Report

You should report the accident to the police department right away. A police report is needed to prove you were in an accident and when it happened. The police department will write up a report with their findings, which may include statements from witnesses, and information about any injuries sustained or damage done to your car and/or other vehicles involved in the crash.

If you need to file a lawsuit against someone who was at fault for causing your accident, this document can be very important evidence. In addition, if your insurance company needs documentation of what happened before they’ll pay for repairs on your vehicle(s), they will ask for a copy of this report too!

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t think you were seriously hurt, it’s important to get an exam from a healthcare provider as soon as possible after an accident. Even minor injuries can become more serious if they aren’t treated right away.

Take this example: You run into the corner of someone’s bumper when you’re driving your car, resulting in a scraped elbow and a bruise on your hip. You feel fine and think that nothing is wrong with either area, so there’s no need to see someone at all—right? Wrong! While it might seem like these injuries are minor, they could actually be signs of something much worse: broken bones or soft tissue damage that won’t show up until later on.

By going to see a doctor right after the accident occurs (or at least within 24 hours), theywill be able to tell whether any further treatment is necessary before things get worse down the road—and treat those minor wounds today rather than later on when they become infected or even require surgery!

Moreover, when filing for insurance claims, a quick medical examination can act as further documentation of the event to help potentially create a stronger case for yourself down the line.

Document Your Accident Thoroughly

Document all damage done to both cars, get information from witnesses (including names, phone numbers, and email addresses), and collect insurance information from other drivers involved in the crash. You want to get as much information as possible as it is going to be difficult to track people down the longer time passes.

Typically people avoid documentation because they do want to sue the other driver, but the reality is that documentation is going to help a lot more with insurance companies. Filing insurance claims can be a hassle even with proper documentation, so you want to get ahead of any snag in your claim by taking the time to document all information.

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