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Codys Story

In 2019, there were only 53 propeller accidents in the world, and our former client, Cody, was one of them. The lake of the Ozarks boating accident left Cody in shock with thousands of stitches from his ankle to his…

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Jeanea’s Story

After an accident involving black ice, authorities had to cut our former client, Jeanea, out of her vehicle. She had 3 surgeries in 2 weeks and was not allowed to walk for a whole year, which put an enormous weight…

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Joe’s Story

Our client, Joe, has trusted us on 2 occasions – when he got hurt on the job and when he lost his daughter to a car accident. Price & Randle, LLC handled everything, making sure Joe got workers’ comp checks…

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Joe and Tina’s Story

After his daughter’s untimely death, Joe’s first call was to Price & Randle, LLC. Even though Joe and Tina didn’t know what to do, they understood the impact the deadly car accident had on their young grandchildren. Not only did…

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Ruths Story

Former client Ruth shares the story of her aunt's accident, catastrophic injuries, and her reasons for hiring the lawyers at Price & Randle to help her family walk through this difficult time.

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